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Fish Hunter Haiba  Game Online Fish Shooting Game is a game about online fish shooting game that has a strange prototype for playing. And there are quite a few strengths. More than any other ufabet game, the concept comes from taking risks.

Under the vast ocean, there are many strange stories from deep under the ocean, for example, the Fangtooth fish is a fish that has never been caught. when it was alive Once upon a time, its face looked terrifying, and it was like a bone.

Its inanimate fangs, in front of it, are an eye-catching and creepy-looking part, the size of its entire body. The largest is only 16 cm. Come and try it on the web. ours 24 hours a day, but it can return

stomping on almost any coveted prey that gets in the way by the appearance of the teeth, and

Its powerful molar teeth, next to it is the Paciic Blackdragon, a strange-faced fish. It is about 2 feet long and lives in the deep ocean and has a hull size. gigantic Scientists classify it as a creature that can safely remain in deep waters. Despite its size, its body was large, but it was not afraid of the overwhelming pressure of water.

The size of its body, its long and large body, was a puzzling thing. Because we will only meet females. Likewise, males are born only for reproduction. Due to the size of only 8 cm, the internal organs system is not yet fully matured. online fish shooting game

Hunter Fish Haiba Joker gaming game features

gun upgrade When the energy bar increases with each fish killed. When it’s full, tap Upgrade to a more powerful gun. Guns can be divide into 2 random types:

  1. Laser (Laser) Shoot a powerful laser beam that will shoot everything in its path.
  2. Drills, targeted projectiles, and bombs to kill fish in a radius around a boss special event, after killing 1 of the 4 bosses, there is a chance to fire several times. After the boss died Boss items will appear and move to the center of the screen, creating a shock wave. put all the fish

special feature

  1. Jackpot Players can win. Random jackpots in these 4 categories Mini 2.Minor 3.Major 4.Grand is the term used to refer to the jackpot in the game.
  2. An atomic bomb is a killing by bombing a living thing. Will explode multiple balls and be thrown at them continuously. randomly to kill those fish
  3. The blizzard will stop all fish in the game and shoot random ice arrows to kill them.
  4. Whirl pool This one also kills fish, creating a whirlpool by sucking up fish of the same type. All of them come in and kill them all.
  5. lightning lightning within the game will create Lightning hits a random fish and automatically kills the fish until it runs out.