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Lavender flowers have been discovered since ancient times. The Greeks were the first group to discover that Lavender flowers can release a relaxing aroma. They believe that the scent of lavender can bring the mind back to a calmer state.

Then it was used in more treatments called aromatherapy. Helps the body and brain relax. Helps reduce heart rate including blood pressure make you feel relaxed.

The benefits of lavender are many. It is extracted to become essential oil. Helps relax, eliminates dandruff, reduces bloating. Reduce itching and allergic reactions on the skin. Report by สมัคร ufabet

Sleep well all night.

Problems of not sleeping well or difficulty sleeping will not bother you. Try using lavender to relieve insomnia. It is a secret that has been used since ancient times. Because of the gentle scent of lavender It will help you sleep soundly throughout the night. Wake up feeling more refreshed. In the past, people often chose to put lavenders flowers under their pillows. But nowadays there are many helpers that are more convenient. For example, hang a lavender scented bag next to your bed. Or use fragrant reeds to spread the fragrance throughout the room.

Helps fight stress.

Lavender is often used as a first choice natural stress treatment. Because linalool in lavender has properties that help relieve anxiety well. Try using lavenders essential oil for a relaxing massage. Or it can be used easily by inhaling regularly. The sweet scent will help balance your mood and make you feel more at ease.

Nourish beautiful, healthy skin.

Did you know that lavender can prevent acne and revitalize your skin? It will help get rid of clogged dirt. and reduce inflammation Therefore, it is suitable for special skin care use. Nowadays, there are many facial creams, skin lotions, or lavenders shower gels for you to choose from. In addition, massaging the skin with lavender essential oil is another option to preserve the skin as well.

No worries from hair loss problems.

Anyone who is worried about hair loss Nourishing your hair with lavender might be the right method for you. Because it helps stimulate hair to be thick and grow faster. It also helps nourish the scalp. Without having to worry about side effects like using various chemicals, you can choose to use hair conditioner. Or you can directly wash your hair with lavenders formula for beautiful shiny hair.

Far from annoying insects.

The scent of lavenders may be sweet to you. But it’s not a smell that insects like much. Because it is a natural scent that can repel various pests such as mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, and others. Making the room smell like lavender through the use of room spray, scented bags, or scented reeds. Thus helping to keep the room free from pests. And also get a good atmosphere from the fragrance.