Techniques for drying hair quickly without blow drying.

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Many women face the problem of drying hair after washing it. Especially for people with a lot of hair, thick hair, and curly hair. The most important thing is Don’t want to use a hair dryer. Because the heat will cause our hair to become more damaged. But when I let it dry on its own, it felt like it took a lot of time. 

How to drying hair quickly

Squeeze out as much water as possible from the hair.

After washing your hair Gather your hair together and gently squeeze or shake to remove as much water as possible. So that the excess water does not remain on the hair too much. It will make the hair dry more quickly. Report by ufabet

Use a towel to absorb water, concentrating on the roots of the hair.

After gently squeezing The water has been removed. Use a towel that absorbs water well. Come absorb the water and moisture. It will start from the inside of the hair. Keep your head down. Then use a towel to gently rub. Alternating with blotting to remove water will help your hair dry faster.

Use a towel to cover your hair.

In addition to absorbing water, girls or people with long hair can also change to a new towel that is completely dry. Then cover the hair and leave it. The fabric absorbs moisture from the hair. It helps keep the lines dry better.

Blow with a fan to help your hair dry faster.

If any day hurry Bring a fan to help. Bend your head over the fan and use a towel to absorb water and moisture from your hair, alternating between them. The air from the fan will help blow the moisture out of your hair faster.

Use a wide-tooth comb to gently detangle the hair.

While blotting out the hair Use a wide-toothed comb and gently comb your hair often. This will help keep the hair from tangling and loosening it from each other. Makes the air blow away moisture from the hair better. And it can make your hair dry faster as well.