How to play Fish Hunter Haiba

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  1. Lock on is a button to lock the fish target. When you press this button, tap on that fish and the gun will shoot only that fish until it dies.
  2. Auto is a button for automatic shooting, when you click on this button, it will shoot all the time.
  3. Gun is a gun for shooting fish, you can adjust the strength of the bullets. The more you adjust, the harder you shoot. and the fish will die easily

Home (house icon) for exiting the game to return to the Home screen.

Haiba Information (I-shaped icon) when pressed will be information about functions, guns, including fish and each boss. and have the score indicated by each boss There are prizes up to 100-500 times the stake.

Sound adjuster (speaker icon) for adjusting the volume of music and game effects.

Techniques and methods of playing fish shooting games

  1. Should choose to shoot fish born close to us first because they are easy to shoot and these fish tend to spawn in groups.
  2. Set the money to the lowest even if we have money to play this game for a hundred thousand baht.
  3. Avoid using the machine gun to lock the target. Because it is always aiming for big fish.
  4. If playing alone, don’t shoot big fish because it’s a waste of time.

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