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Superman Slot, ufabet Slot Games, Superman Slots, Newest Superman Games Fantasy slot game to take everyone on a journey through space Among the stars, many slot games that many people are fascinated by the beauty of the picture. 

Which said that. This game is not only beautiful. But it also comes with many rewards. In addition, the game comes in the form of stars. And many gems Against the backdrop of a vast space, the game will take everyone to enjoy the rewards. 

The game also has a very interesting free spins feature where WILD symbols are randomly distributed and held until the end of the free spins feature. That gives players even more chances to earn full rewards. beautiful graphics and fun Along with giving away prizes, bonuses, and features that will increase your chances of winning more. Come and try it out at the entrance of ufabet.

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This game does not have a fixed line of bets. Because this game will be counted from the far left of the symbols to complete all 8 symbols or more Therefore, there is no fixed line bet.

Game style and rules

  1. It is a 6-reel, 7-line video slot game.
  2. There are 11 picture symbols in the game, divided into 1 special symbol, which is Bonus.
  3. There is a left-to-right payout pattern on adjacent reels.

Super Stars Slot Game Symbols and Payouts

for the symbolic image of the game appeared in various forms with different payout rates Therefore, gamblers should study how to play the game and understand the payout ratio before playing every game. by the image of the superstar slot symbol will consist of orange gem pictogram, red gem pictogram, green gem pictogram, purple gem pictogram, blue gem pictogram, red planet pictogram, green planet pictogram, purple planet pictogram, pictogram Blue planet, yellow planet symbol, etc. And the payout rate is as follows: “Orange Diamond” symbol, when we get 6, we get 30, when we get 5, we get 18, when we get 4, we get 9. When we get 3, we get 6.