Easy way to clean a sofa

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Whether you want to sit and watch TV, lie down and watch a series, or eat a snack in the afternoon. They all have to use a sofa. This makes the one of the most frequently used pieces of furniture. Whether it’s a weekday or a weekend. Which should cause the butler and the housekeeper to worry often about cleaning the fabric sofa. brings a method for cleaning the fabric to everyone. So that everyone has a sofa that is beautiful, clean and extremely usable.

If your home has a favorite sofa bed One thing that you should not overlook is cleaning. In order to use it safely Reduce dirt from dust and various germs and make the sofa bed last as long as possible. 

Use cleaning solution

Use a cleaning solution that is appropriate for the cushion. and the backrest.

  • If it is a genuine leather surface and a synthetic leather surface You should use it as a leather cleaning product. To remove various stains without harming the leather and causing the color to be distorted from the original.
  • If it is a general fabric that is not leather You can choose to use it as a solution to remove various stains. Including using mild soap and water to clean the stains thoroughly. Car seat cleaners can also be used on sofa beds as well. Just use it mixed with water. Then use a dry cloth to quickly blot up the solution. to protect from moisture That’s all, your sofa will be cleaner.

For leather sofas, once you’ve wiped them clean, apply wax immediately to coat the leather for a long-lasting shine and help reduce dust adhesion. And more stains. As for the fabric sofa, you can take it out to set in a shaded area and expose it to only gentle heat in order to eliminate germs embedded within the fabric. Report by https://ufabet999.app

Take off and wash

Some sofa bed covers are removable and washable. Most of which are cloth or velvet cushions. Made to cover the sofa with another layer, so if your sofa bed is like this Remove and clean with detergent as usual. and air-dry in the shade Let it be exposed to only a little heat. Once dry, it can be put back together into the sofa bed. and can continue to use immediately.

Vacuum out the dust.

It doesn’t matter what cushion surface and backrest you use with your sofa bed. Before cleaning, you should use a hand vacuum cleaner. Let’s vacuum out small dust particles and various stains that cling to the sofa bed first. This method will help make cleaning even easier.

Spray disinfectant

Currently, there are disinfectants in the form of spray cans for sale. You can buy one to spray on the sofa bed and let the solution soak into the fabric. In order to eliminate germs in the first step Then take your sofa out in the shade and expose it to gentle heat to sterilize it again. The spraying of disinfectant should be done every week and done 1-2 times a week.

A cloth moistened with warm water.

If it’s a small stain You can use a cloth moistened with warm water and wring it out. Dirt will come off easily. Whether it’s a leather or a fabric. In addition, if there are stains from food or any stains that don’t last long, You can use a cloth moistened with warm water and wring it out immediately as well, and use a dry cloth to blot up the water again. That’s all, your sofa bed will definitely be beautifully usable and will last a long time.